Ok, i personally dont know why i titled this what i titled this. But it does have some truth to it, i guess. Here i'm gonna tell you some thing that happened to me. It is true. So LISTEN UP!

So i was at this one place, and this immature teenager comes running by me. Just full speed ahead. I kept walking, and i started going the other way so we wouldn't colide. But apperantly, he needed to go that way too. So instead of slowing down, he comes crashing into me without a moments notice. BANG! Scrape! His zipper runs along the side of my arm, creating a gash from my wrist half way down my arm. Ok, that was on Friday, and today is thursay and it still is deeper than deep.

Ok so what i'm getting at here is this: Would it hurt to slow down a tad? I mean, seriously! What would go wrong that wouldn't already go wrong? Consideration. Thats it. Consideration is something that boy odviously didnt know anything about. I have my arm to prove that!

Dont be inconsiderate. I know this blog is a silly, goofy all the time blog, but we do have some good points here. Our main purpose is to entertain, but the world needs help too. Be considerate

Blue writing. Cool, eh?

Thanks again for reading, we hope you enjoy!


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