Hey guys!  It's Ashley!  I'm just telling you that I got an email address that I can use to send emails to you guys!  It's ashleyisodd@gmail.comSend us mail!  I'll try to reply as soon as possible--but I might not get to it right away.  I've got other stuff to do, too.  Bye, guys!!  I'm looking forward to getting some emails!!



Ok.This is Maddison here. I want to tell you about the new thing that we will be doing on this site. It is called : Book and website reviews! We will review websites and  books and tell you what we think from a highschool/middle school opinion. Well Lets get started!  

  Our first review is one of the www.neopets.com website. This website enables users to create their own virtual neopet for free. You can choose a name, color, and type of make believe pet to own. After that, you can go around Neopia(or the land that neopets live in) and collect items, create homes, and more.

Overall, this is a pretty cool site-but  i  would only recommend it for ages 6-11 at most. There is one thing, however, that would be awesome for kids our age. There is this thing called "Neopian Times" where users can submit stories. This is cool! Anyways, i have submitted a story recently, and am waiting for a response. Well  thats all for today!!!!Bye Maddison


All of you odd topics fans, GET READY FOR EXTRA ODDNESS!!!  You have the chance to hear about our newest ventures BEFORE  they're in the blog!!  We'll have it available to sign up for before you know it!!

--Ashley B.