You know we like you to read our blog, but we also want to encourage you to exercise and play outside!  But what if you don't know what to do?  What if you are....BORED?  (dun dun dun)
I have a suggestion for you.  There are lots of fun activities to do EVERY season...even winter!! 
Some activities for every season are listed below:
Skiing.  Maddison and I both LOVE to ski!
Making snow angels.  It's fun, it's vigorating, and it shows off your creativity!!
Making a snowman.  This also shows off creativity and it makes you stronger!!!

Jump roping!  Some people think it's just for little girls, but it is fun and GOOD EXERCISE!!!
Roller blading.  There are lots of places to go roller blading, and you can improve your speed in everything you're good at!
Bike Riding!  It is awesome, and you can be odd while doing it.

Swimming...builds muscles, is FUN, and refreshes you on a hot day.
Squirt gun fighting!  Like swimming, refreshes you on a hot day, and you exercise your strategic thinking. 

ALMOST anything in spring, as long as it's warm.
Walking a dog.  Even if you don't happen to own one, you can always go to your local humane society and help them out!
LEAF CATCHING!!!!!  Okay, even I admit it sounds weird.  But seriously!  You can run fast and it improves focus!  If you can focus on a leaf, you can focus on anything!  Good exercise and is very fun!  In fact, I was just leaf-catching myself!  Me and my friends caught FORTY-ONE leaves!  We are odd, all right!  YOU CAN BE, TOO!!!

--Ashley B.

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