Dear Odd Topics Readers,

Wow! I am excited.
Do you know why?
Its because Odd TOpics is having its FIRST EVER
So for all you authors in waiting, its time to get writing!!!
Here are some rules for the competition:

1. You have to be between the ages of 0-200 Years old
2. Your blog entry has to be apropriate for all ages
3. Your blog entry has to be between 100-300 words long
4. Your blog entry can be on any apropriate subject
5. Your blog entry has to be your OWN WORK
6. No blog entries will be excepted past September 30th, 2009

Well that is simple! Now there is a lot of good authors out there, so here are a few tips on things that might impress us.

1. Make it about something that happened to you that was out of the ordinary
2. Make it about someone in your family that you think is odd
3. Make it about ANYTHING CREATIVE!!!

We're looking for new and original ideas.
And if we pick you....

Your blog entry will be featured on this site and you will be named

Sumbit now! Contest starts today!!!
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Maddison & Ashley

Okay--we all know I'm cool, right?  Well, today I became cooler still, because TODAY IS MY B-DAY!  A bunch of people made posters for me that said happy b-day!  Isn't that awesome?  Because I'm very, very popular with my friends.  I'm so popular with them that they play tricks on me sometimes!!  I invite them over and we play games!  

Madison's b-day is coming of.  So let's wish her a happy super, super SUPER DUPER SUPER-early B-day!!!


make sure you comment to wish us both happy b-days--even though Madison's is in five months...


Well, bye! 
--Ashley B.


Today Ashley came over to Madison's house. Isn't that interesting???


Hey Guys!

This is your favorite blogger- Madison.

But i have to say, Ashley is right about one thing. If you read our last blog, Ashley mentioned that we don't really keep "Odd" in our blog. So i wanted to do something about it. I have a request for you- our Odd Topics readers. Here it is:

Tell us the most stupid way you have injured yourself on accident.

I cant wait to read some of these stories! They're gonna be hilarious!

And do you know what happens if we think your story is incredibly stupid? You could win 10,000! Or not! Probably not! You won't! Nope!

But you could get your story featured here on our next blog or so.


You know, I may have to remind Madison WHY we have the word odd in our title.  :)

But, back to the topic.  By the way, what IS today's topic?  I can answer that!  Today, I just wanted to come out and wish everyone a happy birthday!  I also play the violin, and I can play Happy Birthday on my violin!  /\nd my birthday is in LESS than a MONTH!!!  I share a birthday with 2 people that I know, and I am going to SEE them on my birthday.  One of those people I saw on my birthday 2 years ago, and I said happy birthday to her then!  The other person is a boy.  

So, what do you like about BIRTHDAYS?  The cake?  The presents?  The knowing you are another year older?  Uhh--maybe not the last one.  I personally do.  But what do you like the best? 

I think we're getting off the "odd" factor of our website.  We really have to think up more odd topics!  If you have any ideas, tell us!  Please comment on our blog, too!  (tell us by commenting)

Birthdays are the coolest.  Mostly because of the cake and presents, but there are other reasons, too!  Like...umm...okay.  I give up.  Wait, I've got one! 

I also like birthdays because I invite a lot of friends to my parties.  Sometimes.   Have you ever had a surprise party?  I have--once--when I was five!  I wanted to go to McDonald's for my birthday dinner, so we did.  Then we saw a bunch of balloons there, and my mom said it must be someone's birthday!  Little did I know it was mine!  We walked inside, and when we went to our table...SURPRISE!!  Happy birthday, Ashley!  I got a Ronald McDonald movie, and I still have it.  It was about treasure hunting, and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E AWESOME!  (the party, not the movie.  Though the movie was pretty cool ;))

Anyway.  Did Madison really think I would get upset at her for leaving the G off of swimming???!   That is weird.  :)  Though sometimes I do get upset at her for spelling things wrong.................on PURPOSE! 

Well, I'd better go...TTYL!

--Ashley B. 


Ok, i personally dont know why i titled this what i titled this. But it does have some truth to it, i guess. Here i'm gonna tell you some thing that happened to me. It is true. So LISTEN UP!

So i was at this one place, and this immature teenager comes running by me. Just full speed ahead. I kept walking, and i started going the other way so we wouldn't colide. But apperantly, he needed to go that way too. So instead of slowing down, he comes crashing into me without a moments notice. BANG! Scrape! His zipper runs along the side of my arm, creating a gash from my wrist half way down my arm. Ok, that was on Friday, and today is thursay and it still is deeper than deep.

Ok so what i'm getting at here is this: Would it hurt to slow down a tad? I mean, seriously! What would go wrong that wouldn't already go wrong? Consideration. Thats it. Consideration is something that boy odviously didnt know anything about. I have my arm to prove that!

Dont be inconsiderate. I know this blog is a silly, goofy all the time blog, but we do have some good points here. Our main purpose is to entertain, but the world needs help too. Be considerate

Blue writing. Cool, eh?

Thanks again for reading, we hope you enjoy!