Hey, it's Ashley again!  Madison was supposed to do a post last week, but it's been a while, and she hasn't done it yet, so I decided I'd better do it.  

So, what are Disgraceful Cups?  First, what is a cup?  A cup is a thing that you drink out of.  Anyway.  Back to the original question.  

A 'Disgraceful cup' is a styrofoam cup that has weird stuff written all over it in pen.  A styrofoam cup like that is a disgrace to its kind!  Here's a link to a picture of many disgraceful cups:

Enter the link into your address bar.  Aren't those cups disgraceful?  (the words aren't very disgraceful, but they make the cups disgraceful!!

Some examples of what might be written on disgraceful cups are: 

Disgracefulcupsandnonworkingpensofmadisonandashley.com Visit our site!*


We Rule!!  Disgraceful cups are awesome!

You can put some more things you may see on Disgraceful cups in the comments section, if you like.  Please, no inappropriate language.  

This is another one of our very odd writing topics!!

--Ashley B.


*We don't really have a site.  Don't type it in.

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