You know, I may have to remind Madison WHY we have the word odd in our title.  :)

But, back to the topic.  By the way, what IS today's topic?  I can answer that!  Today, I just wanted to come out and wish everyone a happy birthday!  I also play the violin, and I can play Happy Birthday on my violin!  /\nd my birthday is in LESS than a MONTH!!!  I share a birthday with 2 people that I know, and I am going to SEE them on my birthday.  One of those people I saw on my birthday 2 years ago, and I said happy birthday to her then!  The other person is a boy.  

So, what do you like about BIRTHDAYS?  The cake?  The presents?  The knowing you are another year older?  Uhh--maybe not the last one.  I personally do.  But what do you like the best? 

I think we're getting off the "odd" factor of our website.  We really have to think up more odd topics!  If you have any ideas, tell us!  Please comment on our blog, too!  (tell us by commenting)

Birthdays are the coolest.  Mostly because of the cake and presents, but there are other reasons, too!  Like...umm...okay.  I give up.  Wait, I've got one! 

I also like birthdays because I invite a lot of friends to my parties.  Sometimes.   Have you ever had a surprise party?  I have--once--when I was five!  I wanted to go to McDonald's for my birthday dinner, so we did.  Then we saw a bunch of balloons there, and my mom said it must be someone's birthday!  Little did I know it was mine!  We walked inside, and when we went to our table...SURPRISE!!  Happy birthday, Ashley!  I got a Ronald McDonald movie, and I still have it.  It was about treasure hunting, and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E AWESOME!  (the party, not the movie.  Though the movie was pretty cool ;))

Anyway.  Did Madison really think I would get upset at her for leaving the G off of swimming???!   That is weird.  :)  Though sometimes I do get upset at her for spelling things wrong.................on PURPOSE! 

Well, I'd better go...TTYL!

--Ashley B. 

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