Hey Guys! This is Madison.

I was thinking the other day about telling all of our 465 main readers more about who we are in real life. Well, Ashley thought that it would be ok, as long as it wasn't too much. So i decided to first tell you about our sponser.

The foundation that pays for our site is called the Wyatt Cantain Foundation. If you ever have gotten an email from us, you probably know that sometimes we dont write all the emails. If you gotten one that we have chosen to read, it probably took a while to get to you, and its pretty rare. Most of our emails are written by the people that work at the foundation. We thank the Wyatt Cantain Foundation for their support.

Tomorrow, April 2nd, is Wyatt's Birthday. Wyatt was 89 when he died in 1999. He was a man who dedicated his life to working to help kids learn to read and write, and since he was a wealthy man, he sponsored many libraries, schools, and websites like Odd Topics that encourage children to learn and try their best.

The Wyatt Cantain Foundation also asked Ashley and I, two high-schoolers, if we would help create a website in our spare time. That is why this website is part of the Wyatt Cantain Foundation.

If Wyatt was alive today, I'm sure he'd be very proud of the work that Ashley, I, and many other volunteers have done through his foundation, started 2000. Happy Birthday, Wyatt!   

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